"The Great Withdrawal" Book Reviews

“Craig Smith and Lowell Ponte have done it again! The Great Withdrawal is another book of slashing insight, cutting through the kudzu of Progressive thought control to reveal the oldest truth: Freedom works.”

-ROGER HEDGECOCK, Host, Roger Hedgecock Show

"Feel like your pockets have holes in them? In 520 B.C. the prophet Haggai provided the first 'inflation' definition on record: "Your wages disappear as though you put them in pockets filled with holes." In The Great Withdrawal Craig and Lowell teach us how to stitch up our financial holes - before it's too late!"

-RAY LUCIA, Host, Ray Lucia Show

"News Flash: We never left the 2008 Great Recession. The American economy is already devastated by debt bigger than our $16 Trillion annual national income! In five short years have undergone the 'fundamental transformation' into a European-style Welfare State. Within these pages you will discover key economic solutions to our century-long detour from the free market- small government our Founders brilliantly established.'

-PAT BOONE, Entertainer, Author